SA537 Class 2 Plates Properties, Characteristics, And Applications

SA537 Class 2 Plates are corrosion-resistant and heat-treated carbon steel plates primarily used in pressure vessel applications. These plates offer great tensile and yield strength and withstand high-pressure and temperature conditions. If you’re looking for Carbon Steel Plates that can withstand extreme pressure conditions, SA537 Class 2 Plates are your best bet. In this blog post, we will take you through the properties, characteristics, and applications of SA537 Class 2 Plates.

What are SA537 Class 2 Plates?

SA537 Class 2 plates are pressure vessel steel plates manufactured by the ASME/ASTM standard. These plates are heat-treated and can be used for various high-temperature applications, including pressurizers, reactor vessels, nuclear steam generators and components. The mechanical properties of these plates include higher tensile strength than other grades in ASTM A537 Grade Class 1 to provide greater resistance to fracture under shock loads or dynamic loading conditions. Additionally, SA537 Class 2 has superior machinability to its counterparts due to its inclusion of chromium and nickel within its alloy composition.

Properties of SA537 Class 2 Plates

SA537 Class 2 Plates have excellent corrosion resistance and a heat-treatment process that gives them a higher strength. With a yield strength of 415 MPa and tensile strength of 550-690 MPa, these plates have excellent compression and tension strength, making them an ideal choice for pressure vessel applications. These plates also have great toughness and impact resistance, which improves their lifespan and durability.

Characteristics of SA537 Class 2 Plates

SA537 Class 2 Plates are known for their excellent corrosion resistance and are mainly used in high-temperature applications such as petrochemicals, refineries, and power plants. SA537 Class 2 Plates are made with heat-treated carbon steel, which gives them the added advantage of improved tensile and yield strength. These plates are also highly weldable, making them convenient for welding pressure vessel components.

Applications of SA537 Class 2 Plates

SA537 Class 2 Plates are extensively used in pressure vessel applications where high-pressure and high-temperature conditions are present. These plates are used in power plants, refineries, petrochemicals and other applications where resistance to corrosion and tough conditions are required. These plates are also used in manufacturing storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, and chemical processing equipment.

Material Testing and Certificate

All SA537 Class 2 plates undergo stringent and diverse material testing before they fit. These tests include various quality, ultrasonic, and eddy current tests – ensuring the product’s quality. In addition, all these plates come with Mill Test Certificates (MTC) by EN10204 NACE MR0103 and NACE MR0175.


SA537 Class 2 Plates are perfect for high-temperature applications requiring corrosion and extreme pressure resistance. These plates boast excellent compressive and tension strength, toughness, and impact resistance properties. These plates are highly weldable perfect for manufacturing pressure vessels such as boilers, storage tanks, and heat exchangers. This blog post has been helpful and informative to you and helped you understand SA537 Class 2 Plates properties, characteristics, and applications.



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