Features of Abrasion Resistant 400 Plates

Abrasion Resistant 400 Plates

Abrasion Resistant Sheet Plates require minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on your overall business objectives rather than repair. Abrasion Resistant Sheet Plates are made from raw materials that have been carefully sourced from a variety of locations to ensure their quality. Uses of Abrasion Resistant Sheet Plates give impressive performance and results. 

Abrasion Resistant Plates are an exceptional combination of workability, weld capacity, and resistance to scraped areas.

These plates exhibit incredible strength and resistance to impact. The combination of these properties makes them ideal for a wide range of applications where the plates will be subjected to wear and tear.

Steel 400 ABRAX, also known as Abrasion Resistant 400 Plates, are high-density, high-strength steels suited for use in harsh environments. These plates are an excellent choice to extend the life of equipment, components, and structures.

Abrasion-resistant 400 Plates are supremely machine-able, weld-able, and possess excellent properties for safety. The plates are used for soldering, folding, polishing, and cutting which makes them perfect for all your construction requirements. These plates have tighter tolerances and better characteristics. They are tough and wear-resistant, even at higher temperatures, and feature thin wall thicknesses. 

Steels having a high HB grade (Brinell hardness) are ideal for applications requiring strong wear or abrasion resistance. Steels having 1000 Abrasion Resistant Plates are commonly applied in situations where the steel plate can be subjected to extreme abrasion or wear.

AR 400 plates come with thermally trimmed and shattered edges. They can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, including conveyors, chutes, dumping vehicle bodies, breakers, and many more. These plates offer exceptional adaptability and formability.

Abrasion Resistant 400 Wear Plates Have The Following Characteristics:

Builds Strong Buildings

The ABREX 400 Steel plates help devise effective constructions with the toughness to deflect the damage. They are robust and hard, and aid in defining strength.

Longevity of Service

ABREX 400 Steel plate is an excellent alternative for increasing the service life of your constructions due to its superior damage resistance. 400 Steel plates can withstand abrasion as well as provide smooth surfaces, allowing your assembly to work longer. They are sometimes referred to as wearing plates because they can withstand hits.

Reasonably Priced

Using Abrasion Resistant 400 plates on your truck will allow you to use fewer ferries, save fuel, increase your cargo capacity, lower traffic tolls, and, most importantly, lessen pollution.

Less Material Means More Profit

Abrasion Resistant Steel is of the highest grade, as are its cousins NICRODUR 400, ABRAZO 400, and DUROSTAT 400. As a result, machinery and configurations manufactured from ABREX 400 steel plates use less steel, increasing profitability. It serves as a load-carrying device in the majority of applications.


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