A Basic Guide on EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates

What are EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates?

Known as the standard high-strength steel, EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates are extensively used in a construction projects. These plates are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. S355J2+N is a non-alloy structural steel that has excellent cold-forming properties. It is tensile strength between 490 and 630 N/mm2.

They are produced per the requirements & regulations for the relevant items. Structural steel plates of the S355J2+N EN 10025-2 size range from 101mm to 200mm. The fabrication of S355J2+N plates uses only pure, low-carbon steel. They are ideal for welding since of their solid tensile strength.

Characteristics of EN 10025 Plates

Various steel plates have specific characteristics, such as tensile strength, dimensional accuracy, heat conductivity, and flexibility. S355J2 has a tensile strength of 470 to 630 MPa and minimum yield strength of 355 N/mm2. It is a structural steel grade with good cold-forming properties.

If you plan to build bridges, towers or other structures, EN 10025 S355J2 N Plate is essential in construction. Since steel plates have excellent cold-forming properties and offer good weldability without heating, various standards, such as ASTM, API, and ASME, manufacture these high-strength structural steel plates. They are highly durable and have excellent resistance to corrosion and stress corrosion, available in a range of thicknesses and sizes to meet customers’ specific needs.

Uses of EN 10025 Plates

S355J2 is used for construction, heavy equipment manufacturing, oil and gas platforms, and other industrial applications & power plants and shipbuilding. In addition to its durability and high tensile strength, it is easy to weld and offers good impact resistance. It can resist stress corrosion and has good bending properties, available in different sizes and shapes and readily weldable, and has excellent cold-forming properties.

It has high flexibility and the ability to withstand severe pressures. The EN 10025 S355J2 N Plates has good mechanical properties in stress-induced environments. This material is suitable for structural applications and welded construction on offshore platforms, and it is also a valuable grade for oil and gas platforms, transmission towers, and port equipment. This non-alloy steel has a minimum yield strength of 355 N/mm. Depending on the thickness, it can provide a yield strength of 510 to 680 N/mm.


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